RitchieRich Discography

See all my music below including social media jams.

1. Globalist Predators

Track List

  • Baphomet
  • Red Pill
  • The Occult
  • Leviathan
  • Deadly
  • Majestic
  • A Distant Memory
  • The Occult Play Through
  • The Perfect Sweep
  • Smooth Talker
  • No Time To Die

2. Into The Abyss

Track List

  • Evil Incarnate
  • Echoes
  • Down The Rabbit
  • Hole
  • House Of Cards
  • Fallen Angel
  • Facade
  • Insta-Jam
  • God Speed Main Riff Play Through
  • House Of Cards Main Riff Play Through
  • Echoes Main Riff Play Through
  • Fallen Angel Riff Play Through
  • Palladio Jam
  • Aerials Jam
  • Voices Jam
  • Constructing Eerie Riff
  • Constructing Demonic Riff
  • ShredLick

3 UnWind

Track Listing

  • Unwind Full Album
  • Jupiter Sunrise
  • Chao Heaven
  • JazzyVibes
  • Star Gazing
  • Down Under
  • Our Love
  • Starlight
  • YinYang
  • Solitude
  • Mario Theme
  • Lucid Dreams
  • When September Ends
  • Acoustic Chill Vibes
  • B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L
  • Mellow
  • ClockTower
  • Warming Up
  • Alleviate
  • Reminiscing

4. His Ex Capulet

Track Listing

  • Dignified
  • The Becoming
  • Knights Templar
  • The Other Side
  • Transcend
  • Viper
  • Error404
  • Bleed From Within Jam
  • Intro
  • Fox In The Attic
  • If There’s A Will, There’s A Way
  • Interlude
  • Not The First Time I Came Second Best
  • A Sight For Sore Eyes
  • 4 Days
  • Fox In The Attic Playthrough
  • Wrath Guitar Playthrough
  • Nothing Else Matters Guitar Jam
  • Master Of Puppets (Hyper Speed)
  • Eternal Torment Guitar Jam
  • The Becoming Band Session
  • Fast Picking
  • Wrath


I have been playing guitar for over 15 years and have come to learn the "tips" and "tricks" of how to overcome some of the most difficult barriers when it comes to your guitar playing; some of which most people never overcome. Im confident that with my help coupled with your inspiration and passion for music you can overcome these too!

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