Best Guitar Strap Locks? Ultimate Guide!

If you play a lot sanding then your life literally depends on your strap lock!

For the guitarists who mainly stand while playing guitar, the strap lock gives you the peace of mind to freely move on stage! However, from experience i can tell you some work better than others.

What are the best strap locks? The 5 best strap locks include the Schaller Security Locks, Ernie Ball Super Locks, Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok, and the Fender Straplock W/ Button.

In this article, we discuss the best strap locks in more detail and we give a general overview about the function of the guitar strap lock

1. What are Guitar Strap Locks?

Strap locks are tiny object disks of silicon, rubber, plastic or metal which fit onto the strap button over the top of the guitar strap. they firmly connect the guitar strap to your guitar’s end-pins.

The end-pin is the component that the guitar strap clips onto. However, it does not always hold your guitar securely and your guitar may slip and if you don’t catch it, it will land on the floor and break.

Firstly, almost all acoustic guitars on the market only have a strap pin on the upper bout of the guitar body or on the heel of the guitar neck.

2. Why are Strap Locks Important?

when you lift the guitar while standing or lean forward while sitting, there is a chance that any movement can make that strap slip off the strap button. And at that time, if you do not pay attention to this case, your prized guitar will crash to the hard unforgiving floor and be seriously broken. I believe it will be an irritating and scary feeling. To protect your guitar from a potential accident, you should purchase a guitar strap lock for yourself since it will keep your guitar strap locked onto the guitar and prevent your strap from slipping off the strap buttons. Luckily, strap lock only requires a budget-friendly investment and you can easily get it.

Strap locks are expecially important if you do any live playing. With the guitar strap lock, you can feel more secure to be as energetic and lively as you want in the performance without the fear of losing control of your beloved guitar.

You may have a good end pin that holds your guitar strap really well. However, i am not one for taking chances so i would laways make sure i have a strap lock for extra security. With the guitar strap lock, you can feel more secure to be as energetic and lively as you want in the performance without the fear of losing control of your beloved guitar.

3. Best Guitar Strap Locks?

The basic strap locks are simple rubber devices that slip over the strap button clamping the strap to the guitar. Nonetheless, strap locks come in all shapes, sizes and versitility.

In this section, we will provide you with detailed information about my favorite strap locks for your reference.

Schaller Security Locks

Schaller, a German company which is regarded as a premium brand with a high level of engineering and manufacturing. They are the pioneer in this field with over 30 year-experience.

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Below we discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Schaller Security Lock is considered to be one of the best strap locks due to its outstanding quality. The striking feature of this model is that it uses mechanisms designed to prevent accidental release.
  • Unlike other strap locks on the market, Schaller Security Locks are made from hardened steel that enhances its longevity.
  • Schaller Security Lock also has a long locking screw compared to many other strap lock systems making it grip onto thickers straps more easily.
  • Schaller sells pins individually, therefore you can freely deck out all your guitars and just use your favorite strap for all your guitar changes.
  • Schaller Security Lock has a 5 year-guaranteed policy for customers as a way to ensure your purchase.
  • There are many colours to choose from ranging from gold, satin, chrome and ruthenium strap locks available.


  • The screws equipped in the set are smaller than the standard Gibson screws, which can cause difficulty for you.
  • Besides, this lock possibly slides through a big or loose eye hole if it is not completely tightened snug on the strap or your guitar strap is excessively worn.

Next up is Ernie Ball Super Locks…

Ernie Ball Super Locks

Ernie Ball Super Lock was invented by the cooperation between Ernie Ball and Robust Mechanics. Whereby Robust Mechanics is responsible for the engineering of this model.

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It is designed with the Ernie Ball logo on the top of the release mechanism and made from nickel-plated steel, There are 2 main parts in this strap lock kit. For the first one, it includes the strap lock button in the package screwed in and swapped out for your existing one. And about the second one, it is the release mechanism which is clamped into place on your strap using the provided washers and built-in screw.

Below we discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Ernie Ball Super Lock is very easy to install whilst it is still very strong and hard to accidentally open the lock.
  • It is tested in a vigorous quality control environment. It will under go sudden bumps with an attempted to disengage the locks. So you know your guitar is safe for playing live.


  • The pinch-and-release mechanism of this model has 2 points of release-push down and pull-which ensures better protection for your strap lock.

Good as it is, this type still has 1 weakness. Compatible and separated strap lock buttons are not sold, therefore, many guitarists will find it difficult to make any changes. Ernie Ball Super Locks are available in black, chrome or gold for your selection.

Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok System

The Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok is the more traditional System.

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Below we discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Dunlop is also known for its good quality
  • Dunlop system comes with affordable price for any guitarists
  • It is designed to be easy to put on and take off
  • simple to swap out the lock and switch between many guitars
  • Dunlop once declared that they have release-tested the strap locks up to 800 lbs and the lock did not flinch proving that this system is very tenacious.
  • Also, once installed, its special three hundred and sixty degree groove-and-ball design allows the guitar to freely move whilst playing without catching and the case-hardened steel skin covered with nickel ensures long-time use.


  • The screws provided in the Dunlop system are of low quality and are known to get stripped. For example, if you are energetic on stage (moving around with sudden lively moves) then the screws may loosen over time due to additional leverage between locks and the guitar. However, i have seen people on YouTube overcome this problem by getting their owns screws that have an extra inch in length that the originals.

Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok System comes in three different colors: black, chrome and gold.

Fender Straplock W/ Button

Fender Straplock W/ Button is for those who do not intend to spend so much budget for a tiny strap lock.

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Below we discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Although it is an inexpensive lock system, It is still equipped with a similar quick-release system which is similar to some of the higher-end counterparts. This makes the Fender lock system stand out from the other low-price strap locks.
  • It is also a two-piece strap lock system made from three parts making it easily installed
  • Fender Straplock W/ Button is covered with a chrome cover and made from durable material, which is very strong and can not be easily broken in many cases. Internally, one lock concludes lock, button and felt washer
  • It possesses the spring-loaded release pin which is super smooth for the simple operation.


  • Of course, with such a low price, you will have to accept some trade-offs. Particularly, its screws length are smaller than the holes on the guitar and the button’s nut may gradually loosen overtime.
  • You are also limited with the choice since this Fender strap lock only comes in a chrome finish.

4. How to Use Guitar Strap Locks?

Strap locks are sold in pairs for either end of the guitar strap and when you get the locks, you will find one pair that includes four separate locking pieces.

As you install the strap lock, you will perminently fix 2 pieces onto the guitar. The remaining two clips on over the strap.

To maintain the long-term use of the strap lock, it is recommended that you should not remove or replace the old strap buttons.

5. How do you Install a Strap Lock on Electric Guitar?

Once you have bought your desired strap lock set Installing the strap locks on your instrument is a very simple process. All you need to do is unscrew the strap pins (located on the guitars body) and then replace with the new strap lock pins from your strap lock set. Making sure the groove points away from the guitar.

See below video for detailed instructions…

Installing strap locks on the acoustic can be slightly more complicated and so we will discuss this in detail below.

6. How do you Install a Strap Lock on Acoustic Guitar?

If you are installing a strap lock on an acoustic guitar then the process can be slightly more complicated.

All acoustic guitars on the market have a strap pin on the upper bout of the guitar body or on the heel of the guitar neck (located next to the fretboard). Replacing this you just need to follow the same steps as mentioned above. However, if your acosutic guitar has an input jack at the tail end of the guitar where strap connects, then it can be a slightly more complicated process.

The tail end of the guitar which has a combination of output jack- strap pin. Therefore, the other end of the guitar strap usually sticks to the headstock via a leather string.Next, unluckily there are some other acoustic guitars making use of that sole strap button as an input jack, which means that you can not replace that part with an acoustic guitar strap lock button without destroying the electric capability.

We explain this below…


This is very useful for guitarists who are not willing to make a drill on their guitars (discussed below). You can use Acousti-Loks – a strap lock adapter that was developed by MusicNomad company in 2019.

This adapter tool will connect to the output jack with an offset strap lock button attached, hence you can freely use strap locks on the guitar without making any extra holes.

This adapter can be simply removed at any time that you do not need it, and therefore helps you avoid permanent modifications.

My recommendations Incldude:
If you are having a Taylor guitar with a typical protruding output jack, you can purchase the MN271 Acousti-Lok for the metric-thread jacks used on LR Baggs pickup systems
or the MN270 Acousti-Lok for standard-thread jacks used on Fishman electronics (Prefix, Matrix, On-Board Blender…)

Acousti-Loks go with Schaller-style strap lock pin, but if you do not like it and demand a different type like Schaller-style strap lock pin, you can simply change the pin and go on with your own selection.

Drill Additional Hole

The second option is to drill your own hole. This will include purchasing a standard strap lock kit and installing a completely new hole.

  1. Unpack the screw – Each pack comes with a Phillips screws. These screws are used to keep the new strap lock buttons onto your acoustic guitar.
  2. Drill 2 pilot holes – Next, you need to take a drill with the diameter just a little bit smaller than the previous screws. you will place one hole on the rear which is close to the existing strap button or input jack and you will locate the other on the neck joint where the neck attaches to the guitar body.
  3. Install strap locks – After finishing the pilot holes, you will install your strap lock buttons in these pilot holes and tighten buttons until you can not spin them anymore.

Directly drilling holes for the strap pins will ruin your ascosutic if you do it wrong. this is why I advise you to drill at least two pilot holes at the correct position. You need to pay attention to the size of their diameter. Particularly, the diameter of the pilot holes should not be too large, or else, the screw will be loose in the hole. By making the holes slightly smaller than the screws, will make the screws fit nice and tight.

In addition, the wood of an acoustic is extremely prone to cracking under the excessive pressure of screwing the screws directly into the wood. So you need the pilot hole to alleviate pressure on the wood and protect it from splitting when the screws bite into it.


Whether you are a professional beginner guitar player there are a number of accessories that can be very useful to you. Among those are guitar strap locks. For the guitarists who mainly stand while playing guitar, the strap lock will give gives them the peace of mind to freely move on the stage without being worried about dropping the guitar.

The article today provides you with an ultimate overview of the guitar strap locks. Through this guide, we discuss the basic function as well as the correct way to install it on your guitar. We also give you some information about the best strap locks covering with a wide range of quality and price.

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