#7 Amazing Soul Lifting Female Guitar Compositions

Having played guitar for over 10 years I have learned to truly appreciate the skills and charisma these wonderful women bring to the progression of music styles. These women have put into mastering their instruments and stage performance. Which are two crucial factors as a musician. But, more than anything else, it is their passion that really inspires me.

What are the most Amazing Female Guitar Compositions? The most amazing female guitar compositions are Moonlight Sonata Cover by Tina S, Sharon Isbin Performs Asturias by Isaac Albeniz, Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain, Nancy Wilson of Heart Crazy On You, and The Surface Changes by Kaki King.

From classical to acoustic metal, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Check out the variety and skill of these special players.

Also, be sure to inform me of other wonderful players in the comments section below 🙂

#1 Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) Tina S Cover

Fast, loud, hard, awesome!

It really wasn’t easy picking my #No1 favourite compositions, since there are just so many, in my opinion. However, this performance of Moonlight Sonata is just wonderful. Creating 14 tracks in the same style, but without making every track sound the same was a big task, and I’m proud that it turned out just as I hoped it would.

Tina S just has amazing technique, posture and passion that is so inspiring.

Sharon Isbin Performs Asturias by Isaac Albeniz

I really love Spanish guitar.

I spent 6 weeks living in Ecuador. Having a massive influence from Spain I spent the whole time I was listening to flamenco and Spanish inspired music.

So this style really hits me emotionally, and takes me back to the times of roaming through the Amazon rain forest.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain

When I first gazed my eyes upon Sister Roseeta Tharpe, it was so emotionally and visually stimulating. As not being the most technically brilliant she definitely knew how to mix things up on the stage.

We can all learn something from her brilliant charisma combining both the wonderful sound of country jazz into the upbeat melody.

NITA STRAUSS – Mariana Trench (Official Music Video)

Truly Amazing!

Nancy Wilson of Heart Crazy On You

Tears, chills my God what a MAGNIFICENT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!

The Surface Changes by Kaki King

This is a great show to see live. The guitar becomes a wild black and orange frenzy with dotted white lines tracing its edge in a fast-paced loop around the outside. My description can hardly do it justice, so go and check her out for yourself!

Anthrax – Caught in a mosh / Ada cover

Wow, I really love this song! And Ada definitely killin’ it with those crazy down-picking skills!

Opens in a new tab.


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