Awesome Game Theme Covers Just As Good As The Originals

Awesome Game Theme Covers Just As Good As The Originals

One thing I love so much is the old classical game music. So, when I hear a new rendition of these old songs then it appeals to me so much more. Mainly, because the nostalgia of enjoying these video games as a kid.

So, let us look at my favourites and please be sure to leave your comments of versions you have discovered may even be better than these.

Relaxing Super Mario Jazz Covers


I do not know who created the relaxing super Mario jazz covers. All I know is that these covers are so calming it brings inspiration to my soul.

Being a big fan of Mario and Jazz this has definetly made it onto my playlist of songs I listen to on a daily basis. All and all, it never gets old, so I hope you enjoy.  

The Final Bowser Battle On Mario 64  – Toxic Eternity [Metal Cover]

This version of final Bowser is amazingly amazing.

Awesome, arrangement, awesome transitions and awesome guitar skills.

The Final Bowser Battle On Mario 64 – MetalFortress [Dub Step Cover]

Yes, I really love this track.

It is well worth listening to twice!

Pokemon Theme – 33erock [Rock cover]

There has been many people cover this song, and many people have done it very well. Although, I think this is my favourite version as they have managed to keep as close to the original as possible whilst adding a slightly aggressive flare.

Luigi’s Mansion Remix

Listening to Luigi’s Mansion track always makes me laugh. It just has that funny appeal to it.

FZERO Big Blue – RichaadEB [Metal Instrumental Cover]

Craziest Zelda Piano Medley! – Kurt Hugo Schneider

GERUDO VALLEY (Metal Version) | Machinae Supremacy

I have been a big fan of this band since I was a kid and listening to Rammstein. So, I was really grateful to hear this track.

Zelda Song of Storms – Josh Sweetman [Metal Perfection]

Zelda Song of Storms is a very emotional track, and brings back memories of chilling in the windmill trying to get that heart piece that was in an impossible location…

Final Fantasy 7 Boss Battle – Daniel Tidwell

Halo 2 Theme – Steve Via

Even though this is for the Halo 2 sound track it is still kind of a cover of the origina so I thought it was worthy of appearing.

Donald Trump Singing Pokemon Theme

Okay, so this is no way as good as the original. But, it is funny and you have to have humour in your day nevertheless.

Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling

beatboxing flute super mario brothers theme


I am constantly adding to the list, so please help me create the ultimate list and add your suggestions in the comment section below.

I hope you enjoyed.


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