The Best Guitarists To Learn Hard Rock

Let us learn some classic. But, first we need our inspirational sound!

Who are the best guitarists to learn hard rock from? The obvious are guitarists like Slash, Jimmy Page, Mick Mars, Angus Young, Joe Perry, John Lennon, Brian May, Van Halen and Prince.

So, let us get into this in extensive detail…

Eddie Van Halen

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen is the lead guitarist from the band Van Halen. being a Grammy Award-winning American hard rock band.


I have been playing guitar for over 15 years and have come to learn the "tips" and "tricks" of how to overcome some of the most difficult barriers when it comes to your guitar playing; some of which most people never overcome. Im confident that with my help coupled with your inspiration and passion for music you can overcome these too!

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