Into the Abyss Album Release

Richard Wilde new Album – Into the Abyss: Guitar set, first song release 6th July 2021 – sees the Sheffield-based musician imagining six tracks with nothing but his six-string. Taking the guitar to the trap scene with a combination of gritty clean, distorted lead voicing, with deadly inspiring riffs and chord voicing.

Though he’d worked on a lot of death metal inspired music in the past, this time he wanted a to work on something different and unique, with all the focus being on the guitar…

“I wanted this Album to be different & modern with a little mystery about it, but also showing my metal inspiration.” says Richard. “So, i decided to go down the path of trap music, and listened to a lot of traditional Japanese. I created the beats using drums machines, but also combining real sounding kits. Creating a combination of 808’s and raw breakables. I also had very specific guitar tone in mind, i wanted it to be clean, but gritty to compliment the main riffs. It was very timely and challenging but amazing to hear once it all glued together.

“More importantly this album has tought me a little thing ro too about sound production, creating sounds and mixing albums. Giving me more potential for my future mixes.”

Richard mainly stuck to his Fender Strat with effects being created by just using Logics Amp Designer.

You can stream the album here…


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