The Best Guitarists To Learn Slide Guitar Blues

I guess you are here because you want to learn slide guitar and master using the bottle neck, or just make the Breaking Bad theme sound. All awesome reasons to want to learn it by the way. Slide guitar is has such a wonderful and surprisingly there are many variations of this sound.

Who are the best guitarists to slide guitar? I would suggest starting with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Roy Rogers, Bob Brozman and Justin Johnson. These players will get you into the rhythm, and framing the minor pentatonic blues with open strings for the traditional jangly rattle.

Even Slash playing with his Jack Daniels bottleneck piece and YouTube artists have created some wonderful sounds from this style. So, let us get into this in extensive detail…

Table of Contents

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers from Redding, California, United States is an country style, blues rock slide guitarist from the 1950’s.

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