Songs That Improve Your Finger Picking Technique

In this blog post, you will learn the songs that helped me significantly improve my finger picking technique when I start learning the acoustic.

The beginning can always seem so slow to improve, and this is frustrating and boring.

The Number 1 most important thing when you get your first guitar is the first song you learn to play. This is so important because it can make or break your dedication in the long term. I have seen it with almost all my friends… If the song is too difficult then you will be put off and never pick up the guitar again. But, if it is too easy you won’t see it so much as a challenge, and it gets boring fast.

Also, a friend of mine also wrote a post that includes songs that are easy to learnOpens in a new tab.. So if your out of ideas of what to learn then please check out his post as well!

#1 Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (Acoustic Version)

The first song you should learn is a personal recommendation of mine, which I highly recommend for anyone going from beginner to intermediate.

Okay, so this song is not for the average Jo, and I know it is a bit of pop cheese. However, it is in G Lydian, which is part of the C major family. In fact, Steve Vai plays this mode all the time and he is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Nevertheless, I digress…

This is actually a fantastic song to learn as a beginner because it consists of FOUR easy chords, simple rhyme and is super fun to play! After all, the super fun to play is the most important part.

Justin Bieber – What do you mean (acoustic cover) play through

Benefits for learning Justin Bieber – What do you mean (acoustic cover)

By learning this song you will really begin to see improvement with your chord framing ability on your left hand (right hand, if left handed), basic strumming (if you are a beginner), and just basic coordination (especially if you get those slaps in!).

How To Play Justin Bieber – What do you mean (acoustic cover)

It is a good song to jam with as a beginner; you will pick it up fast because it is only FOUR chords. C major, G major, E minor & D major.

C major

G major

E minor

D major

More importantly by playing a G major scale over it, you get the Lydian sound (which is part of the major family), and it sounds so awesome, you will begin to impress your friends in no time.

Download G Lydian Scale Here…

#2 Hotel California (acoustic solo)

So, this particular song is a minor sound, using the B natural minor mode. But, the reason you want to learn this song is because I find it the safest song that introduces you to your first dominant chord.

I say the safest way because Dom chords can be really weird, and your ears have to adjust to hearing these sounds. Otherwise, you will just not understand how amazing they are. By playing Hotel California you will begin to start getting feeling of emotion coupled with concentration.

Hotel California (acoustic solo) Play through

Benefits for learning hotel California

By playing this hotel california you will begin to see improvements in your ability to run through arpeggios. The trick to this is just getting to notion of arpeggios in your head and become familiar how they flow.

The solo is also not so fast to play. However, I would advise as a beginner learn the chorus chord progression and add little licks as you go along.

How to play Hotel California for a beginner (acoustic solo)

The F# dominant  chords have a very interesting sound, and as a beginner to music these chords will definatley spice up your interest of wanting to learn more.









More importantly by playing a G major scale over it, you get the Lydian sound (which is part of the major family), and it sounds so awesome, you will begin to impress your friends in no time.

Download B Minor Scale Here…

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