Tim Henson – (Guitarist) Biography, Age & Girlfriend

Tim Henson established himself with the 2010-founded rock group Polyphia. His Youtube channel, where he showcases his abilities to viewers and posts vlogs to create new songs, has over 500,000 subscribers.

You can him here…

Instagram: @thew6rst
Twitch: @thew6rst
Check out his top 10 riffs

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1. Who Is Tim Henson?

Tim Henson is a musician and guitarist best known as a member of the instrumental progressive metal band Polyphia. The band was formed in 2010 in Texas and Henson is one of the founding members. He plays guitar and is known for his technical proficiency, innovative and experimental approach to music, and his unique style of guitar playing. He has helped shape the band’s sound, which fuses elements of metal, jazz, and hip-hop. Henson has also released solo music and collaborations with other musicians. Polyphia has released several albums and EPs and has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting bands in the progressive metal scene.

2. How Old Was Tim Henson When He Started Playing Guitar?

Tim Henson has been playing guitar since a young age. He has said in interviews that he started playing guitar when he was a child and that he’s been playing for more than half his life. He’s also stated that he’s been playing for more than 20 years, that would mean that he started playing before he was a teenager.

3. 5 Interesting Facts About Tim Henson

  1. Tim Henson is a founding member of the instrumental progressive metal band Polyphia, which was formed in 2010 in Texas.
  2. He is known for his technical proficiency and innovative approach to music, and his unique style of guitar playing
  3. He has released solo music and collaborations with other musicians.
  4. Tim Henson is also a successful session musician and has played guitar for other bands and artists.
  5. He has been playing guitar for more than 20 years and is considered one of the most talented and innovative guitarists in the progressive metal scene.

4. Who Is Tim Hensons Girlfriend?

Tim Hensons girlfriend is Angelica Paris. We cannot refer to Angelica as Tim Henson’s wife because they are not currently wed. However, the pair enjoys their relationship with one another.

You Can find her here: @minoudoll

Around December 1996, Angelica Paris was born. She mentioned her age of 25 and thanked her fans for the good greetings. She will therefore be 26 years old in 2023.

5. Why Is Polyphia So Popular?

Polyphia is a popular band for several reasons.

First, their musicianship and technical proficiency is exceptional, the band members are very skilled musicians and the band is known for its complex and challenging compositions.

Second, their unique blend of different genres, such as metal, jazz, and hip-hop, gives them a distinct sound and sets them apart from other bands in the progressive metal scene. They also incorporate elements of electronic and funk in their music, which makes their sound even more diverse.

Third, they have a strong online presence, with a large and dedicated fan base that helps to promote their music. They also have a significant following on social media and streaming platforms, which helps them to reach a wider audience.

Lastly, their live shows are known to be energetic and engaging, they have a great stage presence and are able to connect with their fans.

All these factors combined have helped to make Polyphia a popular band among music lovers and instrumental music enthusiasts.

6. What Genre Is Polyphia?

Polyphia is an instrumental progressive metal band, which means that they play a style of metal music that is characterized by its complexity and experimentation, often incorporating elements from other genres such as jazz, funk, electronic, and hip-hop. They are known for their challenging compositions, virtuosic musicianship, and use of unconventional techniques, such as unconventional time signatures and unconventional playing styles. They also have elements of ambient and experimental music, making their sound diverse. Polyphia is known for their unique approach to music and they are considered to be one of the most innovative bands in the progressive metal scene.


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